Temple of the Monkey God Upgrade Icon
Temple of the Monkey God
The Temple demands sacrifice. Its arsenal of unstoppable bloon destruction is enhanced and modified by the types of tower sacrificed. Use at your own peril.

Temple of the Monkey God

A Super Monkey with the Temple of the Monkey God upgrade

The Temple of the Monkey God, also known as TOTMG, Temple God, Sun Temple, and Monkey God Temple, or just Temple, is the final upgrade for Super Monkey on path one. It sacrifices all Towers in its range and will pick up several abilities from them. All towers within the temple's range will be sacrificed, so it's advised to not upgrade the range unless upgraded to temple if you want to fit more temples in. Below is a list:


Basic AttackEdit

Specific AttacksEdit

Frozen AttackEdit

Glue SplatterEdit



Stronger Sun RaysEdit

16 Dart Volley Per SecondEdit

All Towers unupgraded and Juggernaut

16 Blade Volley Per SecondEdit

All max upgraded Towers except Juggernaut



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