Robo-Monkey Upgrade Icon
Half Super Monkey, half killer robot of death. Super Monkey's cannons become pulse cannons of annihilation, able to aim and target independently from each other.

Cost: Easy: $7650 | Medium: $9000 | Hard: $9720

The Robo-Monkey is the third upgrade on path 2 for the Super Monkey. The Robo-Monkey is a Super Monkey with 2 cannons (like 2 Super Monkeys joined together) that have increased range and popping power increased by 1. It can pop Lead Bloons even if Plasma Blasts is not purchased. This may be due to the lasers/darts containing Bloontonium. The Robo-Monkey is better at popping M.O.A.B. Class Bloons, because it shoots 2 projectiles at a time instead of 1.


  • This upgrade also increases range, but so slightly; it is more noticeable by using a 1/X Monkey Village.
  • 3 2/3 Robo-Monkeys with a support of a X/2 Monkey Village are sufficient to beat any track in any difficulty up to Mount Magma.