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Regrowth Bloons' are a heart-shaped variant of bloons that, when popped, regain layers after some time. If not popped quickly they can regain layers all the way up to their original form. Regrowth Bloons will not regain layers if they are frozen and lose their regrowth status by Cleansing Foam. Any non-M.O.A.B. Class Bloon has the ability to be regrow, and can be camo and regen at the same time, making them very deadly.


  • If a regrowth bloon that spawns two bloons is popped, the bloons that emerge from it can both regain layers up to their original form (example, 1 black--->2 pinks--->2 blacks--->4 pinks etc.), gaining more cash than usual when bloons get popped. This process is known as Regen Farming.


  • Regrowth Red Bloons are normal Red Bloons and not regrow unless they have camo, because they get popped in a single hit and they can't regenerate (so, reappear) again. They do appear only in some Daily Challenges like the May 28 2012 one.
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