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Plasma Blasts Upgrade Icon
Plasma Blasts
Plasma vaporizes everything it touches!

Cost: Easy: $4250 | Medium: $5000 | Hard: $5400 | Impoppable: $ 5400

Plasma Blasts is the second upgrade on path 1 for the Super Monkey. It shoots plasma blasts that pop 3 bloons at once and pop Lead Bloons. It shoots every frame, making it one of the fastest towers.


  • This upgrade also increases range, but slightly; it is more noticeable by using a 1/X monkey Village.
  • If it is used with Technological Terror, it will increase the popping power by 1 (like Laser Blasts), so a 2/4 Technological Terror can pop 7 bloons at once.
  • If a 2/X Super monkey is combined with a X/2 monkey Village, it can detect camo bloons, meaning it can pop any bloon.
  • Despite it says "vaporizes everything it touches" it cannot instantly breakthrough bloons. However, a 2/2 Super monkey can defeat an entire Massive Ornary Air Blimp (MOAB) if it is placed in a good position and the track is long enough.
  • In the Co-op Mode, this upgrade has been nerfed and it shoots slower, but pops twice as many bloons.