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Ninja Monkey
Stealthy tower that can see camo bloons and throws sharp shurikens rapidly.
Hotkey: T

Ninja Monkey

The Ninja Monkey.

Type: Offensive

Cost: Easy: $510 | Medium: $600 | Hard: $650

The Ninja Monkey throws shurikens at bloons. It is one of the only towers that can detect a camo bloon with no upgrades, the others being the Spike Factory, mortar tower and the Dartling Gun. Tier 4 upgrade unlocked at rank 23.


Path 1 upgradesEdit

Tier 1: Ninja DisciplineEdit

Cost: $255 (Easy), $300 (Medium), $325 (Hard)

Official Description: Increases attack range and attack speed.

Effect: Boosts range and speed of the ninja.

Tier 2: Sharp ShurikensEdit

Cost: $300 (Easy), $350 (Medium), $380 (Hard)

Official Description: Shurikens can pop 4 bloons each

Effect: Increases popping power to 4.
If you upgrade past this point, you'll be limited to this path, and will not get the Path 2 third and fourth upgrades.

Tier 3: Double ShotEdit

Cost: $725 (Easy), $850 (Medium), $920 (Hard)

Official Description: Extreme ninja skills allows him to throw 2 shurikens at once

Effect: Shoots 2 shurikens at a time.

Bloonjitsu 1024x768

The Bloonjitsu in Bloons TD 5 Deluxe

Tier 4: BloonjitsuEdit

Unlocked at: Rank 23

Cost: $2340 (Easy), $2750 (Medium), $2970 (Hard)

Official Description: The art of Bloonjitsu allows ninjas to throw 5 shurikens at once!

Effect: Shoots 5 shurikens at a time.

Path 2 upgradesEdit

Tier 1: Seeking ShurikenEdit

Cost: $215 (Easy), $250 (Medium), $270 (Hard)

Official Description: Infuses bloon hatred into the weapon themselves - they will seek out and pop bloons automatically

Effect: Shurikens now home in on bloons. However it isn't very accurate.

Tier 2: DistractionEdit

Cost: $300 (Easy), $350 (Medium), $380 (Hard)

Official Description: Some bloons struck by the ninja's weapons become distracted and move the wrong way.

Effect: Some bloons hit by the ninja will go back a fair distance.
If you upgrade past this point, you'll be limited to this path, and will not get the Path 1 third and fourth upgrades.

Tier 3: Flash BombEdit

Cost: $2340 (Easy), $2750 (Medium), $2970 (Hard)

Official Description: Sometimes throws a flash bomb that stuns bloons in a large radius.

Effect: Every three shots throws a flash bomb. All bloons hit by the bomb are stunned for 1 second.

Tier 4: Sabotage Supply LinesEdit

Unlocked at: Rank 24

Cost: $1530 (Easy), $1800 (Medium), $1945 (Hard)

Official Description: Sabotage Supply Lines Ability: Sabotages the bloons supply lines for 15 seconds. During the sabotage, all new bloons are crippled to half speed.

Effect: Adds an ability (Sabotage Supply Lines Ability) which makes all new bloons that come in the next 15 seconds move at half speed. This ability can stack.