Monkey Town
Any bloon popped by towers in the radius of the Monkey Town get 50% more cash per pop.
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Cost: Easy: $8500 | Medium: $10000 | Hard: $10800

Monkey Town is the third upgrade on path 1 for the Monkey Village. It makes any bloon popped by towers in the range of the Monkey Town give 50% more cash per pop. This means each bloon popped give 1.5 cash. It will also increase the range of the Monkey Village slightly. This can also be bought in Deflation Mode, but it has no effect other than increasing range as the player won't earn any money.

Special MissionEdit

There is a 3/0 Monkey Town in this Special Mission, which has the role of exit of the route. It can be upgraded, but it can't be sold.

In BTD5 DeluxeEdit

Effects are the same as in Bloons Tower Defense 5.

In BTD BattlesEdit

Due to the fact popping bloons won't give any cash, its effect was altered and now it makes every group of bloons that gets sent give the player back 20% more income than usual, or reduce the income removed from M.O.A.B. Class Bloon by 20%. However, in Defend Mode it doesn't allow the income boosts to give more income, therefore having no effects other than increasing range.


  • Previously, this was the final upgrade on path 1 instead of the third, and the cost was $25500 on Easy, $30000 on Medium and $32400 on Hard. It was changed in an update.
  • It is helpful for later rounds, because in that rounds you get less cash for popping bloons.