How much awesome can you handle? How about all of it, at a great discount! Includes Double Cash, Triple Lives, Double Ranga, Dreadnaught, Splodey Darts, Bigger Beacons, Monkey Tycoon, Healthy Bananas, Big Bloon Sabotage, Hotter Cooldown, Tiny Tornadoes, Grilled Pineapples, and Tack Awesomizer. Lots of awesome.
Bloons TD 5 Description

Mega Monkey Everything Pack or MMEP is a Premium Upgrade in BTD5. It costs 250 and buys everything from the Premium Store except for Monkey Money, Cash Injection and More Lives. This premium is currently the only way to obtain the premium Double Cash on the online version.

This upgrade is cheaper than buying the listed upgrades one by one by 75.