MOAB Madness
MOAB Madness
$50,000 cash to defeat 50 MOABs. Are you up to the task?
Reward: $150 Monkey Money, 20 Awesome Points

MOAB Madness is a Special Mission in which the player needs to defeat 50 M.O.A.B.s in one round, with $50,000 starting cash. It rewards $150 upon completion as well as 19050 XP if fully completed, which means that it's recommended to complete if you are lacking on XP. It has a RBE of 30,800. In addition, it is unlocked at Rank 10, making it one of the earliest unlocked missions. The easiest special mission.

Easiest way to defeat:

1. Buy two 0|4 Monkey Aces (anywhere).

2. Start the wave.

3. When you can see the first MOAB about the reach the exit, click the ability at the bottom left (once).

4. Wait until the MOABs run out.

5. Use the ability again.

6. Win :)

P.S. This mission awards lots of EXP. Place whatever tower you want to get to level 9 and it will gain 19000+ EXP at the end of the round.

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