Fast Upgrades
Fast Upgrades
Survive 5 special rounds on Castle where your towers upgrade once for free at the end of each round. Have you got what it takes?
Reward: $500 and 75 Awesome Points

Fast Upgrades is a special mission in Bloons Tower Defense 5. At the end of every round, all your towers will be upgraded (depending on which path has more upgrades). There are 5 special Rounds, which quickly become very difficult. It awards the player with 75 Awesome Points and 500 Monkey Money when completed. The track is Castle and difficulty is Medium.

Round RBEEdit

  1. 30 (30 Red Bloons)
  2. 120 (40 Greens)
  3. 1150 (50 Lead Bloons)
  4. 9360 (90 Ceramic Bloons)
  5. 9492 (3 B.F.B.s)

Template:Special Missions

Strategy Edit

  1. Place 2 Glue Gunners on each side, near to the entrance but make sure neither can target bloons on the other side. Do not upgrade them. You will leak all the Red Bloons, but that will not matter.
  2. The Glue Gunners will become 1/0. Upgrade both to 2/0. This will kill all Green Bloons.
  3. The Glue Gunners will become 3/0, which will kill Leads with ease. Make 2 Buccaneers with 0/2.
  4. The Glue Gunners will become 4/0, which will destroy the Ceramics. The 2 Buccaneers will become 0/3. During the round, place another Buccaneer with 0/3.
  5. All Buccaneers will become 0/4. Sell both Glue Gunners. Use the abilities to insta-kill all the B.F.Bs.