Dreadbloon, Armored Behemoth is a Boss Bloon first introduced to BTD5 Mobile and Steam on May 29/30 2016, not too long after the first Boss Bloons popped up. Today we shall help you against Dreadbloon.


Bloons Tower Defense 5 Mobile/Steam Edit

Bloons TD 5 on Mobile/Steam got the new Bosses on May 29/30, 2016. Dreadbloon was one of them. He appears every 4 hours (not 100% definite if other Bosses appear) and rewards you with a random item. He looks like a ZOMG bloon from BTD5 on Flash (2011) with a brown/yellow look and a drill on his front. His eyes have a purple-like look. He has more wings, all yellow.

Info Edit

Dreadbloon was first introduced in May 2016 (BTD5) as shown. He is a Boss Bloon. His ability is to create a shield when he comes out (like a Ceramic Bloon), and everytime he gets dented. It gets worse. You CANNOT use towers that use sharp projectiles, due to Dreadbloon using the properties of a Lead Bloon, meaning that only towers that can pop Lead Bloons will harm him. You can counter this as will be shown below. While looking like a ZOMG, he is not as strong (excluding the armor ability, in BTD5 that is.) Unlike BMC or BMCm, where you have Bloon Beacon powers that can bring the boss down to NOTHING, in BTD5 you get more of a challenge. He will never appear in natural BTD5 freeplay. He only appears in designated Boss spawn times.

Strategies. Edit

Dartling Guns with 0/2 upgrade can be used to damage him. Make sure to get something for the shell.

2/3 Spike Factories are another good strategy.

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