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Death Valley is an insanely difficult Expert Difficulty track, added on August 2 2012.


This track is based on a desert, with lots of cactuses everywhere. There is a mountain of some sort at the top-left corner. This track has 2 separate paths that never touch. The top route is very long, and curves a lot of times, making it a good place for Tack Shooters. The bottom route is incredibly short, and it is also the shortest in the game, forcing the towers at the center to continuously attack in that route. Bloons enter from the bottom and exit to the right.


Difficulty First Time Completed
Easy 300 Monkey Money 60 Monkey Money
Medium 400 Monkey Money 80 Monkey Money
Hard 600 Monkey Money 120 Monkey Money


Requirement Achievement name Reward
Get a bronze medal on the Death Valley track Death Valley Bronze 10 Awesome Points
Get a silver medal on the Death Valley track Death Valley Silver 25 Awesome Points
Get a gold medal on the Death Valley track Death Valley Gold 50 Awesome Points


  • The bottom route on the track is the shortest in the game. A red bloon can travel it in just 9 seconds!