Dart Training Facility
Dart Training Facility
The Dart Training Facility is the Speciality Building for the Dart Monkey.
Cost: $500

Dart Training Facility is one of the Specialty Buildings featured in Bloons Tower Defense 5 and Bloons Tower Defense 5 Deluxe. It allows to specialise Dart Monkey. It costs $1750 Monkey Money to buy all upgrades, making it the cheapest Specialty Building.


Tier 1 Upgrade Reduces the cost of Dart Monkeys and their upgrades by 5%. Costs $500 Monkey Money.

Tier 2 Upgrade Increases attack speed of Dart Monkeys by 10%. Costs $500 Monkey Money.

Tier 3 Upgrade You get 1 free Dart Monkey to start, and every 10 rounds. Costs $750 Monkey Money.

Speciality Downside Icon Increases the cost of Boomerang Throwers and their upgrades by 5%


  • This building is extremely useful because in the early rounds you can buy some Dart Monkeys for a good price and then get the Banana Farm quickly. Thus, it can help for Co-op Mode.