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Dart Monkey

Dart Monkey Icon

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Darts, Spiked balls

Easy: $170
Medium: $200
Hard: $215

The Dart Monkey shoots a dart at bloons every few seconds. It can be upgraded to a Spike-O-Pult / Juggernaut, and hurl giant spiked balls, or be upgraded to a Super Monkey Fan Club and have the following ability:

Ability: Super Monkey Fan Club: Converts itself, and 9 other Dart Monkeys into Super Monkeys for a short time. Spike-O-Pults and Juggernauts are both affected by this.


Path 1Edit

Tier 1: Long Range DartsEdit

Cost: $75 (Easy), $90 (Medium), $95 (Hard)

Official Description: Makes the Dart Monkey shoot further than normal.

Effect: Increases the range of the dart monkey by about 20-25%.

Tier 2: Enhanced EyesightEdit

Cost: $100 (Easy), $120 (Medium), $130 (Hard)

Official Description: Increase attack range even further and allows Dart Monkey to shoot Camo Bloons.

Effect: Allows it to pop camo bloons and increases range by about 10-15%.

If you upgrade past this point, you'll be limited to this path, and will not get the Path 2 third and fourth upgrades.

Tier 3: Spike-o-pultEdit

Cost: $425 (Easy), $500 (Medium), $540 (Hard)

Official Description: Converts the Dart Monkey into a Spike-o-pult, a powerful tower that hurls a large spiked ball instead of darts. Good range, but slower attack speed. Each ball can pop up to 18 bloons.

Effect: Instead of thrown darts, it catapults a spiked ball that fires slower but is larger and can pop several bloons. At this point, Sharp Shots and Razor Sharp Shots don't matter anymore, as the sharpness of the spikes is 4.5x higher than a normal monkey on Razor Sharp Shots.

Tier 4: JuggernautEdit

Cost: $1275 (Easy), $1500 (Medium), $1620 (Hard)

Unlocked at Rank 19

Official Description: Hurls a giant unstoppable killer spiked ball that can pop lead bloons and excels at crushing ceramic bloons.

Effect: The spiked ball now pops more bloons, pops lead and grows bigger. Fun Fact: This is the only sharp object that pops lead bloons.

Path 2Edit

Tier 1: Sharp ShotsEdit

Cost: $120 (Easy), $140 (Medium), $150 (Hard)

Official Description: Can pop 1 extra bloon per shot.

Effect: Pops an extra bloon each shot (If another bloon is in the way).

Tier 2: Razor Sharp ShotsEdit

Cost: $145 (Easy), $170 (Medium), $185 (Hard)

Official Description: Can pop 2 extra bloons per shot.

Effect: Pops another extra 2 bloons each shot.

If you upgrade past this point, you'll be limited to this path, and will not get the Path 1 third and fourth upgrades.

Tier 3: Triple DartsEdit

Cost: $280 (Easy), $330 (Medium), $355 (Hard)

Official Description: Throws 3 darts at a time instad of 1.

Effect: Adds 2 extra darts that are thrown at a slight angle.

Tier 4 (Ability): Super Monkey Fan ClubEdit

Cost: $6800 (Easy), $8000 (Medium), $8640 (Hard)

Unlocked at rank 19.

Official Description: Super Monkey Fan Club Ability: Converts up to 10 nearby dart monkeys into Super Monkeys for 10 seconds.

Effect: Turns itself and 9 other dart monkeys into super monkeys except for Spike-o-pults and Juggernauts.

Glitch Alert: Activate the ability and quickly convert the dart monkeys 3/x or 4/x and they will rapidly shoot juggernauts/spiked balls.

Dart Monkey Longer Range Darts
Longer Range Darts
Enhanced Eyesight
Enhanced Eyesight
Triple Darts
Super Monkey Fan Club

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