D.D.T (Dark Dirigible Titan)


More Information

RBE: 974
Child of: N/A
Parent of: 6 camo regen ceramics
First appearance: Round BMC

The D.D.T is a blimp exclusive to Bloons Monkey City. It's camo,black and lead and it moves as fast as pink bloon.

It contains 6 camo regen ceramic bloons, making it the only bloon with six children in the BTD history. D.D.Ts are prioritised over Z.O.M.Gs when a tower or ability aims at the strongest bloon within its range, despite having lower RBE.

Red Bloon - Blue Bloon - Green Bloon - Yellow Bloon - Pink Bloon - Black Bloon - White Bloon - Lead Bloon - Zebra Bloon - Rainbow Bloon - Ceramic Bloon - M.O.A.B. - B.F.B. - Z.O.M.G. - D.D.T

Takes 350 hits to pop.

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