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Maps UsedEdit

  1. Z Factor
  2. Alpine Lake
  3. Snake River
  4. Haunted Swamp
  5. The Eye
  6. The Great Divide
  7. Cash Money
  8. Castle
  9. Spider Map

Differences from Solo modeEdit

You start with $325 instead of $650 Edit

  • You only earn half the cash from popping Bloons.
  • You can chat with your ally by pressing the "enter" button on your keyboard. Press it again to get out of the chat and back to the game.
  • You can only build on half of the track.
  • You can request cash from or give Cash to your ally.


Griefing is the act of irritating and angering people in video games. Fortunately, it is a minor problem in BTD5, and there are only 3 known ways to do it. The first is to give cash, then immediately request cash, quite minor, because all it does is make their monkey face slightly flash, and the person on the receiving side doesn't even have to give the cash back and usually just ends up keeping it if the attempted griefing continues. The second way to grief is by placing towers in offensive formations, such as the swastika. (more commonly referred to as the Nazi symbol) The third way is divided into 2 sections the first is to find a game, then immediately quit it, which is pretty annoying but often isn't meant specifically for griefing, many times it's done so that the person quitting can get a specific co-op trophy or achievement, because the only options for selecting a game are its difficulty selection: beginner intermediate, etc., and its actually difficulty level: easy, medium, or hard; there is not yet an option to choose the particular map you want to do. Please note, there is a difference between its selection and level. The second section of the third way takes a lot longer, but is extremely annoying, it is when you are both playing, and one of the players is doing it for real and the other makes it seem that way, but near the very last round, for example, say you are doing a hard map and get to round 84, so close to getting the trophy and the achievement, the ally just quits. This is extremely annoying because it takes a lot of time and effort to get that far in the game, and you lose your chance of getting any rewards, besides the monkey money. Also be aware it's possible there may be an update making it possible to also choose the particular map you want to do, if this happens, feel free to edit this accordingly. (all this information is based on the portable device version, specifically the Kindle Fire, but is most likely this way with all the devices according to my knowledge, but this is not yet confirmed)