A Tower is a unit that pops Bloons in the series, Bloons TD. They are each different from each other, as some are more powerful. Almost all of the towers are monkeys, units maintained by a monkey, or units owned by a monkey, except for the Tack Shooter, Bomb Tower, Ice Tower (in BTD4), Spike Factory and Banana Farm (unless upgraded to monkey bank). Those are units that produce or shoot things that pop bloons (except for banana farm, which produces bananas which could be turned into cash.) In the first Bloons TD, there were 5 towers: the Dart MonkeyTack ShooterSuper MonkeyIce Tower  and Bomb Tower . Each game has more towers than the previous one. Below are a list of towers:

Dart Monkey - Tack Shooter - Sniper Monkey - Boomerang Thrower - Ninja Monkey - Bomb Tower - Ice Tower - Glue Gunner - Monkey Buccaneer - Monkey Ace - Super Monkey - Monkey Apprentice - Monkey Village - Banana Farm - Mortar Tower - Dartling Gun - Spike Factory - Monkey Engineer - Bloonchipper

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