A Camo Bloon is a type of Bloon in Bloons Tower Defense 5

Camo Bloon Description

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and Bloons Tower Defense 5 Deluxe. Any Bloon that isn't a M.O.A.B. Class Bloon (excepting the DDT) can be camo, and they can be distinguished by their camouflage pattern. Many towers cannot detect and hit these Bloons without an upgrade or supporting tower. If a projectile launched from a tower without camo detection goes in them, it will go straight through the bloon without doing any damage to them.

Camo detection of towers and agentsEdit

Unupgraded towers that may detect camo are the ninja monkeys, mortars, and any road items.

Tower Upgrade needed Notes
Dart Monkey go to path 2 n/a
Sniper Monkey Night Vision Goggles (path 2, upgrade 2)
Boomerang Thrower Glaive Lord (path 1, upgrade 4) Also allows to pop lead bloons
Ninja Monkey No upgrade needed
Bomb Tower MOAB Assassin (path 2, upgrade 4, ability only) MOAB Assassin ability can pop a camo bloon if it is the strongest bloon on screen.
Glue Gunner Glue Striker (path 2, upgrade 4, ability only)
Monkey Buccaneer Crow's Nest (path 2, upgrade 2) or Tier 3 Pirate Cove With Tier 3 Pirate Cove and using Crow's Nest, it gives camo detection for all towers in its radius.

MOAB Takedown ability can take down a camo bloon if it is the strongest bloon on the screen.

Monkey Ace Spy Plane (path 2, upgrade 2)
Super Monkey Temple of the Monkey God (path 1, upgrade 4) or Tier 3 Super Monkey Lair
Monkey Apprentice Monkey Sense (path 2, upgrade 2)
Monkey Village Radar Scanner (path 2, upgrade 2) Allows camo detection for all towers within its radius. The High Energy Beacon cannot detect camo bloons without this upgrade.
Mortar Tower Signal Flare (path 2, upgrade 3) Removes camo status of bloons
Dartling Gun No upgrade needed
Spike Factory No upgrade needed
Monkey Engineer Cleansing Foam (path 1, upgrade 3) Removes camo and regrowth status of bloons
Road Spikes N/A
Pineapple N/A
Bloonberry Bush N/A
Super Monkey Storm N/A
Angry Squirrel N/A It can detect camo bloons when raging
Meerkat Spy N/A Allows camo detection for all towers in its radius. Pro version's lasers can pop camo bloons.
Bloonsday Device N/A (ability only)

Monkey sub (path 1, upgrade 2)Edit

  • In BTD4, a camo bloon was a bloon. In BTD5 however, a camo bloon is a type of bloon.
  • With the Monkey Village your towers can pop camo bloons.
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