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Boomerang Thrower

Boomerang Thrower Icon

More information

Boomerang, Glaive

Easy: $340
Medium: $400
Hard: $430


  • This is the fourth tower you can unlock.
  • If you have a 3/2 Boomerang Thrower in front of a Bloonchipper, when the Boomerang Thrower throws his Boomerang, it will get stuck inside the Bloonchipper, causing the Glaive to pop all the bloons inside. The glaive escapes after a while.

Upgrades Edit

PATH 1 Edit

  • 1.Multi target

Boomerangs can now pop 7 bloons each

Costs: Easy: 215$,Normal:250$,hard:270$

  • 2. Glave thrower

Throws Glaives instead of Boomerangs - they're sharper, faster and more poptastic

PATH 2 Edit

  • 1.Sonic Boom
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