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Bloons TD Battles is a Bloons Tower Defense game, released on December 13, 2012. This game is based on a multiplayer Bloons Tower Defense 5, where the player has the opportunity to play againist someone else.

Main MenuEdit

After entering the game, the player can choose four different options:

  • Quick Battle: Starts the game. The player can choose two different modes:
    • Assault, in which the player can attempt to crush their opponent by sending bloons.
    • Defend, in which the player can attempt by outlast their opponent, by defending the arena from the bloons.
  • Private Battle: Creates a private match, in which the other player can join by entering the respective code.
  • High Scores: The player can view the leaderboards of battle score.
  • Towers & Bloons: Unlocks new towers and Bloon Decals.

Battle EnergyEdit

Battle Energy is a new feature introduced for Battles. Its purpose is to stop players from playing too many games in a row, to avoid filling the servers. The player starts with 50 max battle energy, and can buy more with Medallions or NK Coins. 5 battle energy is used when the player plays a battle, and the player can spy on their opponent's loadout for an extra 3, and can use an extra tower slot for 6 extra. If the player runs out of energy, then they can buy more with NK Coins, or wait, as one energy is restored every 12 minutes. So, an hour would restore 5 battle energy, 10 hours restores 50 battle energy, etc. Without using NK Coins, the maximum Battle Energy you can have is 150.

Pre-Battle ScreenEdit

Before starting a battle, the player will be taken to the Pre-Battle Screen. Here, the player gets to choose their loadout of four towers. The player can add an extra tower slot for 6 Battle Energy, and/or spy on their opponent's loadout for 3 Battle Energy. The player can also randomize their loadout. The player has 30 seconds to choose their loadout. If they haven't picked 4 towers for their loadout by then, any unchosen towers will be randomized.