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Bloonchipper Icon

More information

Sucking power

Easy: $640
Medium: $750
Hard: $810
is an exclusive tower in Bloons Tower Defense 5 Deluxe. It sucks up Bloons, later spitting them out the back with one layer popped off. It cannot affect M.O.A.B. Class Bloons or Lead Bloons unless upgraded, and it cannot detect Camo Bloons.


  • Bloonchipper is a play on the word Woodchipper.
  • When a Bloonchipper sucks up a Ceramic Bloon, it doesn't spit it out until the entire ceramic layer is popped.
  • Regrowth Bloons cannot regenerate inside the Bloonchipper.
  • Occasionally, the Bloonchipper suffers a glitch and pops all layers of bloons.
  • Can pop M.O.A.B and make big damage to B.F.B and Z.O.M.G.
  • If you put a 3/2 Boomerang Thrower in front of a Bloonchipper when it is sucking up Bloons, the glaive will get stuck inside the Bloonchipper, popping most of the Bloons inside.

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