Cost: $2720 | $3200 | $3455

Previous Upgrade: Cluster Bombs

Next Upgrade: N / A

Appearance Changes: Turns bomb tower black instead of green

Bloon Impact is the final upgrade on path 1 for Bomb Tower. It allows bombs to stun bloons for roughly a second and it allows to pop Black and Zebra Bloons after losing its ability with the upgrade Cluster Bombs unless the player has Tier 3 Bombing Range. Like Cluster Bombs, each bomb/missile splits in 8 secondary bombs. It can take down a single Rainbow Bloon by itself, and with a 2/0 Monkey Village, it can pop an entire Ceramic Bloon.


  • When bloons are stunned, stars appear around them.
  • This is one of the few explosions that can pop Black and Zebra Bloons.