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Banana Plantation Upgrade Icon
Banana Plantation
Grows 13 bananas each round.

Cost: Easy: $1190 | Medium: $1400 | Hard: $1510

Banana Plantation

A Banana Farm with the Banana Plantation upgrade

Banana Plantation is the second upgrade on path 1 for the Banana Farm. It makes the Banana Farm generate 13 bananas each round, for a total of 260 money (390 with Valuable Bananas). If a Monkey Bank or Banana Investments Advisory has got this upgrade, now produces 180 extra money.


  • It costs a total of $2700 money to buy this upgrade if all previous upgrades and the tower itself are included.
  • Banana Plantation gives about twice as much money of More Bananas. However it costs 4.67 times as much.