The B.F.B. (Brutal floating behemoth) is a blimp, being the second one of its kind. On the top of its body is a sign that states an anti-monkey. It has a RBE of 3165. It first appears on level 60 and requires 699 hits to pop the top layer


  • The B.F.B is normally thought to be a red bloon injected with bloontonium and pumped up. this is strange as red bloons are weaker than blue bloons
  • The B.F.B is easily destoyed by 2/1 Monkey Village with a few 2/3 robomonkeys.

The B.F.B spawns 4 M.O.A.Bs when popped.

It is the child of the Z.O.M.G and the parent of the M.O.A.B

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